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Friday, September 30th, 2005

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Reunion Redux
As if my own 36th high school reunion in June wasn't exciting enough, I'm going to go with my sister to her 35th in November, at the same location. I also went to Linda's 20th, which was a lot of fun. This is actually the class I should have been in, had I not skipped kindergarten.

So I'm again in reunion mode, helping find people on the "missing" list and contacting people to see if they're going.

Among the missing I found (with the help of a puzzler who went to the same college) is my pre-kindergarten boyfriend, who is planning to come. He had recognized me on the CPW bus about 5 years ago, despite not having seen me since the driver's ed bus in 1969 (so I guess I haven't changed much).

Also coming is the male R from my 1969 diary.

We still need to write to our old neighbors; 4 girls within 2 blocks of us were in that class.

My poor brother-in-law will probably be standing there bored, while we greet and mingle and squeal with glee and recognition.

I just hope my rash clears up by then.
Friendster freaks everyone out

Gawker reports an appalling new feature on Friendster. Without warning, Friendster now lets you know who has viewed your profile! This means any people whose profiles you viewed know YOU were there.

Ouch. Not that I would ever stalk anyone, but...sometimes one gets curious. CREEPY! No advance notice whatsoever. 12 people have looked at my profile, and I know 3 of them.

You CAN now set your settings to be anonymous when prowling around Friendster, going forward. I did it, and it's working (I stalked, er, tested it on Qaqaq).

And Friendster claims they are in the process of purging all the past views. Let's hope that gets done really fast!

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