September 29th, 2005


Water water everywhere

I had a nagging feeling there was something noteworthy about today, but what? Nothing is marked on the calendar.

I got the NYT puzzles done early yesterday morning, so that wasn't it. I have another job due 10/5 which I'd like to get to earlier if possible, but that's not it.

My library books aren't due. Cobra's paid up through 10/31. There's nothing with an end of the month deadline that I know of.

I went to the bathroom at 11 a.m. and the flush seemed a little weak. I flushed again and it worked and didn't need the plunger, but was somehow "off." I washed my hands, and the water in the sink was also weak.

Aha! Now I remembered. They're cleaning the water tank and turning off the water from 10-4 today. I was getting the last trickles.

I washed my hair last night, have a still-wet washrag for my rash (the remnants of which are a bit itchy), and have 6 2-liter soda bottles of water saved since 9/11 "just in case." So I'm not in bad shape.

But all day I've felt a sudden desire to cook. Or drink delicious cold tap water. Or just... use water. Oh well, it'll just have to wait until 4.