September 15th, 2005


I hate when this happens

I somehow bumped my glasses against the towel rack (or mirror?) and now there's a big scratch in the upper corner. I washed with soap and water and it's still there. Darn! It affects my vision when the light shines on it.

Research online shows there are scratch repair kits, but I don't trust them. Plus I'm not sure what kind of coating, if any, is on the lens.

I'll have to go to the Optometry College (where I got the glasses) and see what they can do. The worst case is replace the entire lens - which means I'll be without good reading glasses.

I still have a blistery rash on my face, and could be contagious to people who haven't had chickenpox. So I can't get this taken care of until next week, probably.

I'm not sure I can even wear my contacts, as there's still blistering near my eye.

Sigh, it's the little things that are so annoying.

Just 3 More Days until College

Monday, September 15, 1969

At lunchtime, J called. "Hi, suitemate!" For a second I thought she said "sweet mate." We finalized the plans for going to school Thursday.

Shopping - not bad at all, in fact, I liked it! We went to Child Life to get another pair of exactly the same loafers I have. But it was mobbed with little kids and one disgusted-looking boy my age. We told the salespeople our request, but they had no time to whip out the pair of shoes and so we left, resolving to go tomorrow when school was still on. I felt ANCIENT in there.

We worked our way down Middle Neck. Paraphernalia, where I haven't been since it was Dorine, had a nice suede coat but it was so expensive Mommy wouldn't let me try it on. We went into Clothes 'n Things for the first time. All their coats were nice, and DIFFERENT from what we had seen in every other store. The girl who waited on us was sure I was a 5, and made me try on a brown wrap around belted coat with a big fur collar in that size. It fit perfectly, but I wasn't sure I liked all that fur [more like fleece]. I ended up taking it. [This is what we call my "characteristic coat." It's more like a jacket now, and has seen better days but I could never part with it. At one point there was even a picture of me in the Barnard catalog, with that coat.]