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Saturday, June 18th, 2005

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In anticipation of Father's Day
I miss my Daddy.

He died on December 13, 2003, his 90th birthday. Even though he had been "out of it" for several months, he somehow knew he wanted to make it to that date. There were obits in the Miami Herald, Montreal Gazette and Blog of Death (where the editor chose him as one of 2003's top 50 favorites):


Although I went to the NY Times obit editor personally, we were not able to get an unpaid obit. The woman said my father was a "leaner" on getting in and had possibly outlived his fame. When I asked how a similarly credentialed 90+-year-old gastroenterologist had managed to get a Times obit that week, she said that was a special request of the Sulzbergers. So in hindsight, Daddy should have treated a Sulzberger instead of the Pope and Einstein. I got an employee discount on the paid obit, but it still cost a week's salary. And you know what, he was worth it.


His former hospital saw our paid notice, and submitted one of their own:


Eerily, my aunt Riva who worshiped Daddy and did everything he did, including becoming a doctor (rare in that era), died a few weeks later of a sudden heart attack. Aunt Miriam died a few months ago (Aunt Yettive died in 1992). So that generation is now gone.

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