Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The year ends with a whimper

I'm now current on Newsday puzzles and Jonesin'. I did some old USA Today (I'm up to 11/12/03) and Universals (up to 8/2/01), but there's no rush to get caught up with these.

I finished Frank Longo's "Scrabble Crosswords." These puzzles use only legal Scrabble words, which means almost no pop culture and no phrases. The puzzles had hard words I hadn't heard of and variant spellings, but once I got used to it I happily plowed through the book. I started out by counting the timer down from 6 minutes, but that was too lenient and I went to 5 and usually made it. However, I had errors in 12 out of 50 puzzles. I had no idea on things like "Skilled teller of Gaelic tales" (S_ANACHIE) crossing "Sound of mild anger" (P_PHT). An educational experience.

After all those puzzles, my hand hurts.

I arranged some travel and did year-end invoicing. Washed my hair. Sent another reminder to the woman who still hasn't FedEx'd that book. And I finally found the mail carrier and gave him his holiday card.

There are many other things I could take care of including the next batch of Uptown puzzles to proofread (oh right, work), but at least I've been minimally productive.

I hadn't watched TV in a while and turned it on to find the grey screen of death, "Welcome. Powering up." This went on for an hour. I didn't remember if this was from TiVo, cable, or the TV itself, and checking online revealed it's TiVo and it may mean the hard drive is dead. Great! Corey set it up almost 5 years ago and I have no idea how anything works. I rebooted the cable box and unplugged and replugged the TiVo... and it came back! Whew. But this probably means it's on the way out.

The schedule hadn't updated and no new recordings were made since Friday. The recording history said shows were not recorded because the power was lost or the TiVo was unplugged, so who knows. Thursday's shows were jumbled and weird-looking so I cleared them off. I want my electronic devices to work! It just did an update but only went through 1/9 so I don't know if there's still a problem (I thought it scheduled 2 weeks in advance). Happy New Year to you too, TiVo.

I had gotten store-brand cheese to tide me over until the Fresh Direct order came Saturday (they've been really booked up), and was pleased that it was low calorie. I should have remembered that fewer calories means the cheese doesn't melt and mix as well. I considered throwing the rest away after making one blah casserole, but I have a hard time doing that so I suffered through a second blah casserole.

I haven't had Chinese food this holiday season (bad Jew!), but my weight is high and I have a refrigerator full of food.

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