Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

A rare post about crosswords

I don't normally post crossword times, but this weekend's NYTs were a killer for me. Apparently Saturday was not a killer for everyone (Byron, 5:31 and Amy, 7:57, GRRRR) but luckily this isn't a tournament. My NYT times are on paper while proofreading so that makes them slightly slower, but even so...

Friday 12/28 - 10:19 - rare non-Sunday foray into double digits. JINGLE/LINDO left in because I was too lazy to anagram didn't want to waste valuable time while being paid by the hour

Saturday 12/29 - 20:54 - yeesh, twice as slow as Friday! Stared at lower left for ages, wrongly kept in HAS A SHOT AT instead of HAS A GO AT IT for too long, never heard of GOLCONDA. Cross-outs also in lower right, where started with COTERIE instead of CORTEGE

Sunday 12/30 (23 x 23) - 16:02 - back to normal, though not super-speedy. Oops, I left in an error, MIGRANTS instead of VAGRANTS at 112D. *Slap* so careless

Man, that Saturday puzzle was probably slower than any SUNDAY I can remember (at least on Sunday, I'm writing the whole time while here I was staring and going DUH). For me, it was worse than anything in a tournament, including A finals. Well, maybe comparable to a few hard A finals I was fortunate enough not to be in.

In the movie, I mentioned a time of 10 minutes for a Saturday and later was annoyed at myself since my Friday/Saturdays normally run about 5-8.

To remind me I haven't completely lost it, this weekend's non-NYT times (in Across Lite, typing):

BG 12/30 - 5:43
PI 12/30 - 5:10
WP 12/30 - 6:06
Newsday 12/29 - 4:46 (Flash online)
LAT 12/29 - 4:21
CS 12/29 - 3:28
WSJ 12/28 - 5:22

OK, that's showing off. :0

For over a year, I've been slogging through a Will Weng Sunday-size collection and Maleska NYT daily calendar which are too old to be good practice, so I broke open some newer books. I finished David Kahn's "Sit & Solve Movie Crosswords." After doing several books in this series, I just realized the graphics around the page numbers are toilet flushers. So cute. The puzzles are quick and fun.

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