Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Everything I know I learned from People Magazine

I'm late to find out that Brooke Burke named her baby Heaven Rain. Those wacky celebs! The baby's really cute, by the way. A TMZ commenter suggested "similar baby names which I'm sure will catch on with the Hollywood set:

Autumn Sunset
Morning Mist
Gentle Breeze
Fresh Mint
Scented Candle
Sweet Vermouth
Rainbow Trout"

People's 6/25 issue was devoted to the hottest bachelors. I was going to complain that Kenny Chesney's profile said nothing about Renee Zellweger, but none of the bachelors mention famous exes. Makes them seem more single, I guess.

Some things just reek of PR. In the same issue, it's reported that MeMe Roth of the National Action Against Obesity received death threats after appearing on Fox News and attacking Jordin Sparks' weight. NAAO appears to be just this one woman with a web site, who has managed to put herself on the pundit circuit. Seriously, death threats? (if I'm wrong, my apologies)
{Edited to add: Oops, this last item is from the 6/25 issue of US.}

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