Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,


It took forever, but I finished:

"Endless Love" by Scott Spencer. Endless book about young love, obsessive love, crazy love, with an explicit menstrual sex scene I could have lived without. I haven't seen the movie.

Newsweek, special election issue, November 18, 1996. This covers the 1996 campaign and election, of note because it was the year of the famous Clinton/Dole crossword. The puzzle is not mentioned in this otherwise exhaustive account.

I put the building staff tip money in envelopes. The office (closed until Wednesday) used to distribute these, but now there's supposed to be a locked box at the front desk. I also need to find the regular mail guy.

Speaking of mail, my mammogram results took almost 2 weeks to arrive, making me crazy in the meantime. Normal. If they aren't normal, your doctor calls (this happened 5 years ago when he called the next day - they then looked at the prior films and decided it was OK), but it still made me crazy waiting.

I haven't watched TV for a while, so am due for a marathon.

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