Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Another magazine read, gajillion more to go

People 6/11/07 catches up with the women of "thirtysomething" who are now fiftysomething and looking impossibly good. Mel Harris is going through her fifth divorce. I was going to reflect about a multiply-married guy I knew, but I already did http://ennienyc.livejournal.com/103836.html.

The crossword in the same issue (by the Sabins) had a clue misnumbering (25A should have been 23A) and two weirdly ordered clues:

5A "Don't Take the Girl" by ___ singer McGraw (TIM)
3D Singer Amos's album The Beekeeper (TORI)

I'm guessing the first was a typo inserting the space, and the second was originally "Singer Amos" and they added more info without making sure the clue still made sense.

I'd offer to proofread, but nah.

There was an ad for Dean Koontz' book "The Good Guy" with an actual Post-It note saying "DON'T KILL HER!" Of course, I had to peel it off, and underneath was a drawing of another note saying "KILL ME INSTEAD." They knew I couldn't resist.

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