Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Ken Jennings is also swag-deprived

Anyone who reads this journal knows a recurring theme is the tragic lack of swag for nerdy documentary subjects. Ken Jennings, much more famous in the trivia world, says in his blog (http://ken-jennings.com/blog/?p=662):

"I think everyone assumes that celebrity must be like this: people just start throwing free stuff at you. But it never really happened for me. I think the endless barrage of free stuff only comes if you (a) are so super-uber-hyper-famous that people are genuinely afraid of you, or (b) have a hard-nosed agent barking at everyone to get you free stuff. Or both. I should write a blog post someday listing Free Perks That Z-List Celebrity Ever Got Me, because it's an appallingly short list. What happened to America? Write your Congressman."

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton and Bai Ling are relaxing in a gifting suite somewhere.

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