Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I really had to use this avatar

I heard Will's 8:40 a.m. NPR segment, went to sleep, and woke up confused about what day it was. The clock said 5:30 and I thought it was early Monday morning, but soon ascertained it was still Sunday. Well that's a relief, I have work I'd like to send in by tomorrow.

I've been eating pizza all weekend, leftovers from a gathering at a puzzler's home Friday night. The guests included the visiting Mr. and Mrs. Tex, who I hadn't seen since 1992. Cool to the max.

M and J both have a big birthday coming up next month. We need a plan. I pretty much ignored that birthday myself; in fact I'm still in denial it ever happened.

The book "Joe College" by Tom Perrotta gave me a similar Yale vibe to "Chloe Does Yale" (i.e., I didn't like being there - see http://ennienyc.livejournal.com/113790.html) but the story wasn't as icky. Someone on Bookmooch.com has already requested it.

I need to stop buying bagged salad. It's pricey and always goes bad. It is not that hard to cut up lettuce and vegetables.

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