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My sleeping schedule is so screwy that I couldn't both have lunch with puzzlers at 1 pm and go to a concert at night, so I slept during the day and chose the concert. Will have to do lunch another time.

Tonight I saw the Jerusalem String Quartet at the 92nd Street Y. They did a Beethoven quartet (not as sublime and otherworldly as Op. 131), a piece by Avni (modern music is more palatable when you pretend it's the soundtrack for a movie), and the wonderful Brahms clarinet quintet. At classical concerts even I feel young. The printed program listing left out the Beethoven - um, proofreaders?

I got an e-mail for a movie screening from a legitimate, reputable company that made you RSVP on their site, only to find your name, address and telephone number published in their guestbook. I have an unlisted phone and don't want this information out there. I've already sent a nasty note, and hope they'll take this down soon. Luckily I can't get to the page by Googling (not yet, anyway), and probably the only people who will see the info are the other people who registered - but anyone can access the URL. I'm calling their legal department tomorrow, as this seems completely against their stated privacy policy. It was not obvious when RSVPing that they'd then release the info publicly.

I was at the Times Wednesday and checked the company perks on Intranet. It appears Timespeople do get free admission to MOMA, though it didn't seem that way from the MOMA site. Oh well, it's good to support the arts. I'll ask when I go to the museum, so I'll know if I want to renew next year.

Speaking of renewing, I was wondering if I should renew TV Guide since I don't really use the listings and get everything from TiVo. I do read the articles, but I'm still on 2000. I was researching prices online, and then found my subscription still has a year to go and the "renewal notice" was more for their holiday 2-for-1 offer. I'll decide next year.

In more renewal news, 3 more years of AARP. I only used the discount once, for the Tribeca Film Festival pass, but there is a Merl puzzle in their magazine.

I registered to vote in the Spirit Awards. Many movies will be seen in January and February.

There was a thin ray of sunlight on my tote bag lying near the closet. This seemed strange, since there didn't seem to be any similar-sized opening in the blinds. Then I realized it was my portable light inside the bag. I'd brought it to one of the movies in case it was too dark to read while I was waiting. I'm not sure when I accidentally turned it on, but it may have been more than a day. There go the batteries.

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