Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

My star-studded event

I was back at the Ziegfeld for the first time since being there with, but not seeing, Brad Pitt and George Clooney (see 9/19 entry). The occasion was the North American premiere of "The Golden Compass." I knew nothing about the story, but M read the books and filled me in on some background.

On the subway down, some guys did an elaborate break-dancing routine with tumbling, full of back flips, and holding a kid like a jump-rope and jumping over him. Luckily no passengers got kicked in the face. I gave them a bunch of change.

At the theater over an hour before showtime, M was waiting near the end of a long (and getting longer) line. The tickets were supposed to be at the will-call table, but unlike last time, security wouldn't let anyone in that area and sent everyone to the line. In back of us were 2 others from my group. One went to check and told us to come back over there. We picked up another member on the way, but were again blocked when we got there. Just as the woman was looking for the guard she talked to, we saw the organizing lady with the tickets. Robert Moy (not Loy) from crosswords also saw me. He got a pass through a store promotion. There were also radio contest winners in the crowd, as well as people connected with the movie.

We got our tickets, walked past uninterested paparazzi (humph, don't they recognize a movie star?) and inside. This time, the seats were together. They were high up in the balcony, but that's fine for a movie. Everyone was eventually let in and Robert was in our row. He said he also had an assigned seat. I like the efficiency of that.

Toby Emmerich of New Line introduced the movie, and brought out the director Chris Weitz who worked on it for years. He said Sam Elliot, Eva Green and Dakota Blue Richards (the little girl who played the main character) were there, but didn't bring them up front, and I didn't see them. Wire Image photos revealed Katharine Ross (Mrs. Sam Elliot), Joan Allen and Topher Grace also attended.

The movie was fantasy with much violence, animals, and loud bears. Not my thing. The ending practically screams for a sequel.

I still had to finish the work due Monday, so headed home after the movie, stopping to get groceries at Gristede's. I was going to try potato-leek soup in a box, but put it back when it cost $7.99. Huh? In the health food store, that brand is no more than $3.

After eating, I suddenly needed to watch Jeffy's bar mitzvah video again (re-hooking me on the song "Unwritten"), but eventually tore myself away and got the work done.

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