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Taking Care of Business and Culture

Those sneaky magazines! Just like Vanity Fair recently, EW's online subscription site had a higher rate than the offer they mailed. So I'm renewing EW the old-fashioned way and saving $20.

I wondered why my Amazon order was taking so long, and discovered one book (Longo/Blindauer's "Crosswordoku") isn't out yet and I chose the fewest shipments option, so it's projected to arrive next June. I didn't see a way to change the shipping preference, so deleted the book from the order. I'll order it again when it's out. Now the items should arrive in about a week.

My Museum of TV and Radio (now called the Paley Center for Media) membership just expired and I never went. Sigh. I found out that an NYT ID gets you in free, so there's no point in renewing. When I had an ABC ID, that also got you in free, which I learned AFTER I went with my sister's family and paid. Fun museum, by the way.

I did renew IFP which was worth it for the Spirit nominees alone, as well as their other screenings. Two of my favorite movies this year ("Starter for 10" and "The King of Kong") were seen through IFP. Sadly, both movies combined made less than $1 million. I also saw my favorite of 2007, "The Lives of Others," through IFP so they hit a home run. The 2008 Spirit nominee season is coming up, and I'll try to see as much on the big screen as possible. The Netflix option is also nice, but last year some movies were unavailable or had long waits. Plus the big screen beats TV for viewing. They'll also have online streaming of some titles, but watching while sitting at the computer is the least appealing option.

As long as I'm writing about renewal, I just checked the TV academy membership, and that expires February 2008 so I renewed online for 3 years. However, the system is now saying it expires December 2008! Oy. I wrote to them, and they said they'd fix it Monday. I don't go to a huge number of events from this group, but it's in my professional interest to keep it up. In fact, there's a possibly star-studded event tomorrow which I was originally wait-listed for that just came through. More on that later.

I'm also thinking of joining MOMA, mostly for their film screenings. Many are older movies I could get on Netflix, but it's a big screen and conveniently located. Alas, the NYT isn't on their free employee admission list. I've only been to the museum twice (plus a "Wordplay" screening which I think was for higher-level donors), and was amazed how many famous paintings they have. (Update: just joined.)

I finished "The Dieter" by Susan Sussman. When her best friend dies of lung cancer, Chicago writer Barbara quits smoking and the pounds pile on. Then they come off. Not as bad as it sounds.

I was going to snark about Paula Abdul breaking her nose after tripping over her chihuahua, and Kellie Pickler saying she wants to build an igloo with her Eskimo boyfriend (which I just read about, 6 months later), but others have done it before me.

Now that I'm unexpectedly going to a star-studded event tomorrow, I really need to finish that work due Monday.

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