Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Mostly Merv

I watched a slew of "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" episodes.

Yay, they now not only introduce the spoilers but give them occupations.

Cringeworthy clues:

TV's drama with Susan Dey, "L. ___" (ALAW)
These people are sometimes grand (PARENTS)
Sharp ridge (ARRIS) (this is in RH2, but most people would guess ARETE)

Good wrong guess:

Like a lot (ACRED) (after ADORE was eliminated; they wanted GO FOR)

Bad wrong guesses:

"Catchy" anagram of "parts" _ _ A _ _ (people guessed STRAP, STRAP, and blank)


Ellyn Ritterskamp (former WWTBAM and "Jeopardy!" contestant, Ritterskoop on those shows' boards) was stuck at the podium of doom and purposely misspelled answers to become a spoiler and take the good podium and win. She didn't complete the final puzzle, though.

Final puzzle was missing RO_/_OPSE (C). Contestant didn't know either one, but was able to guess right after 2 passes and 1 wrong answer.

Final puzzle was missing R_HR/DOUBLED_TY (U). The contestant was doing well up to then, tried different letters in R_HR, and finally realized what was going on when the longer clue was read.

Bad final:

I didn't have much faith in a particular contestant up to that point, and she did not disappoint, inexplicably spending time saying "Please" before each clue and passing on things like "They're new to a field or activity" TYRO_ (even if you don't know this word, what letter could that possibly be?).

* * *
I watched two "Cash Cab: After Dark" episodes. One twosome elected not to do the final challenge and at $1850, would have set a record had they won. Some of the contestants seem drunk, which maybe is the point.

Rerun of "The Daily Show": It's much better when these are current, but there was a funny spoof on "Laguna Beach." Sienna Miller was promoting "Factory Girl" and Jude Law was never mentioned.

Speaking of "Laguna Beach," I watched an episode, where everyone graduates. One girl gets a Bible and another a car. Fast forward to "The Hills" where we see Spencer's sister and some drama in clubs. I fail to see the appeal of Justin/Bobby.

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