Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

6/4 Star magazine

Best Beach Bods 2007: I misread a description of Kate Bosworth as "positively pimpworthy" - oops, "pinupworthy."

Scarlett & Ryan Getting Hotter!: Johansson's friend gushes, "Ryan is a fountain of knowledge and ideas, and he’s a real inspiration to Scarlett because he doesn’t want to just act. He wants to branch out and grow artistically." Is there anyone who's satisfied and doesn't feel the need to grow?

High-Maintenance Mario Acts Up!: Mario Lopez reportedly was paid $35K to appear at a health expo, where he was allegedly uncooperative, made people wait, brought along 10 pals, and asked for take-out boxes from the VIP lounge. I'd behave for a lot less.

Re Anne Heche: If you write a memoir titled "Call Me Crazy," don't be surprised when your divorcing husband accuses you of bizarre and delusional behavior.

Edited to add: They ask the crossword contest winners what they'll do with the $250 prize money, which seems silly since it's not enough to do anything life-changing. The winner in this issue says he'll spend it "renewing his Star subscription." I think he's kidding.

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