Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Walk Hard

The TV org sent an e-mail yesterday for a screening of "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" tonight at the DGA Theatre on 57th Street (there was also a later showing at Lincoln Square). With the short notice, I just went myself.

I like knowing nothing about movies ahead of time, and in this case all I knew was that it was a fictional musical bio. The short blurb made it sound like it could be another "Brothers of the Head" which I found very dark, but thankfully it was a goofy, funny "Rutles"/"Spinal Tap"-esque comedy, full of topical jokes, sight-gags and constant riffs. Like when John C. Reilly (age 42) is supposed to be 14, or a character says, "There's somethin' happenin' here. What it is ain't exactly OBVIOUS," or the actual Temptations appear during talk of temptations, or Dewey meditates with the "Beatles" in India (Jack Black as Paul McCartney!).

Negative: The music wasn't memorable. Some of the songs were funny - a Dylan-esque piece with trippy deep lyrics, "Let's Duet" in the Red Peters/Spike Jones vein - but nothing special. We got a flyer for a free John C. Reilly concert at the Knitting Factory 12/19 but I don't like the music enough to go (if anyone wants this, I'll mail it to you). There was lots of substance ingestion, which I normally don't like, but it was done very comically.

The organizing lady was there so sign-in went smoothly, and I was early enough to pick an ideal center seat. While waiting, I finished "My Perfect Life" by Dyan Sheldon, a teen novel about a high school election. People sat in front of me, but the screen was raised enough so that wasn't a problem. I remember when this was a discount theater called the Playboy (a regular theater, nothing to do with scantily clad bimbos), and it's been renovated recently.

Barry Sonnenfeld, wearing a leather jacket and gold boots, was the "Q" and Jake Kasdan the "A" in a Q&A afterward. The other screening also had John C. Reilly and Kristen Wiig (who I remember as Dr. Pat on "Joe Schmo") but I wanted to get out earlier. When it was over, I went to Pick-a-Bagel (where I didn't ask what's hot - gotta assert myself) and the 57th St. Associated which had my favorite juice in the past but alas, not this time. I got two prepared dishes, rice cakes, a muffin, and diet tapioca. One of the puddings was a bit liquidy and tasted sour but I seem to be unscathed.

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