Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,


Thanksgiving marks the two-year anniversary of the good news from Sundance that started our wild ride.

The weather yesterday was unseasonably warm, but sometimes rainy. I easily got an LIRR ticket from a machine in a back corridor of Penn Station, but as often happens on Thanksgiving they didn't get around to punching it.

Before dinner there was cheese and Zabar's salads (whitefish, salmon, tuna), but I still had room for turkey, ham, stuffing, string bean casserole, plain string beans, salad and fruit. There was also kosher turkey (goes well with the ham) so everyone could eat. Baby S napped but after she woke up, all eyes were on her. At 17 months she's becoming her own person.

Everyone's famous. Cousin-in-law A played drums for Natasha Bedingfield on the
Today show, and cousin R can be seen in the gym on Jeannie Tate.

B and A may be moving to a place with a more baby-friendly layout a block away. This means they'll be selling their gorgeous East Village triplex. I'd be tempted to buy it except 1) I can't afford it, and 2) As I get older, stairs are not a good idea.

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