Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Whew, that's over with

I should have gone to the Stevie Wonder concert Saturday with N and N. Sounds like it was amazing. I love Stevie. I don't always love concerts because they're so loud.

I won't go into details about Sunday's colonoscopy prep since anything I could say would be too much information. Let's just leave it at the 6 rolls of toilet paper used.

There was some confusion about the HIP referral (sent in September, the GI's office said they didn't have it, the PCP's office faxed another last week, the input clerk had no record of it but wasn't the regular person...), so I look forward to the usual insurance screw-ups. The insurance already screwed up when I got the prescription cleaner-outer and they wouldn't pay because OTC medications are available. Um, this wasn't for everyday constipation, it was prescribed by a doctor for colonoscopy prep.

I arrived at the endoscopy suite drained and ready. The nurse had trouble getting a vein, but after that I was fully zonked. Nothing bad was found (it was just for screening), and M arrived afterward and escorted me home in a cab. I felt conscious enough not to need an escort, but that's the law. On second thought, I have no memory of our hailing the cab so I must have been at least a little impaired. I didn't conk out immediately, ordered in some comfort food (pasta), and then suddenly got the urge to nap.

Gee, maybe I could have asked a striking writer to escort me. Here's Doug writing in Salon and
David LW quoted by AP.

"In Search of an Impotent Man" by Gaby Hauptmann - speaking of too much information, that's the title of the book, translated from the original German. Carmen is tired of guys with just one thing on their minds, so places an ad for a different type of man. And then tries to change the Prince Charmings she meets. Had a foreign feel to it.

"Women in Television News" by Judith Gelfman - I must have put this book on my list when it came out in 1976, but now it just seems outdated. The author studies 30 newswomen, which seems like a small sample until you realize there weren't many more women to study back then.

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