Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Books books books

A lot of books got finished:

"Stanley Newman's TV Drama Crosswords" - I did the first 25 on the plane ride down to Miami (more on that later) and the last 25 on the plane ride back (and read other things, too). Not very complicated, but enjoyable on-theme puzzles.

"All Summer Long" by Bob Greene - Three middle-aged men, friends since high school in Ohio, tour the country in an idyllic summer. Occasionally they are joined by women (not always the men's wives), which kind of ruins the bonding. Dripping with nostalgia.

"Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster" by Jon Krakauer - Astounding narrative of a 1996 Everest expedition gone horribly wrong. Gripping descriptions of bone-crushing cold, wind, danger and general hardship. Why anyone would go through this is left as an exercise to the reader. This was a worn paperback which I'll trade or give away; now I want a nice hardcover copy to keep.

"Pen Pals" by Olivia Goldsmith - Speaking of things going horribly wrong, the author died during plastic surgery. One of her legacies is this novel about a naive Wall Street woman manipulated into taking the fall for securities misconduct. Prison sounds about as appealing as Everest, but may have more creature comforts.

"Cast a Wistful Eye" by Martha Stephens - I read the first few pages and went, "Huh?" The book jacket gave an idea what was going on, and I started again, skimmed through the whole thing and decided not to read it. It seemed to be about a young couple who take on a young relative as well as their own baby.

"Female Intelligence" by Jane Heller - Lynn is a linguist whose method for teaching clueless men how to communicate has made her a media sensation. Undone by vicious gossip, she tries to come back by humanizing a notoriously abrasive exec, only to fall in love, encounter more vicious gossip (hmmm, who could be doing this?), and come back yet again. Fun chick lit.

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