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Being a consumer

Caller ID showed an 800 number. It was someone calling on behalf of one of my mutual funds asking about the proxy vote forms they recently sent. I always throw that stuff away. It's all legalese and I don't care about the issues. Just as long as the money's still there when I want it. They could be nominating Bozo the Clown to manage the fund and investing it in an organization dedicating to bringing dogs to all workplaces, and I'd never know.

The woman asked if I'd received the materials and I said I must have but I never read them and didn't feel I could vote responsibly. She then verified my address (correct), and said she'd mail me another set of forms. "Noooo, don't waste your money. I'm not going to be voting!"

I'll probably receive another set of materials. Maybe I'll write "Refused, please return, I'm not voting!"

Speaking of "Refused," I received those book club books I forgot to cancel. The cardboard was torn so I didn't think I could write "Refused" and return them in the same box, and I was too lazy to repackage them. So I kept them and paid. This is probably what the company hopes will happen. The books may not be that bad - by John Grisham and Dick Francis. And I get super-cheap or free books often, so, oh well.

Speaking of free books, I accumulated enough mypoints.com points for a reward, so ordered a $25 B&N certificate which arrived today. I used it all on puzzle books. I'll say which when they arrive. I liked it better when mypoints offered a "web certificate" good anywhere; now you have to specify a merchant. Still, can't complain about free stuff. (OK, I'll complain. It takes forever to accumulate enough points for free stuff.)

Vanity Fair had an insert saying it was my last issue, but the mailing label says it's not until May '08. The online subscription site agreed with May, so I'll assume the insert is wrong. The card attached to the insert said the renewal rate was $28/2 years so I figured I'd renew. But online it defaulted to $48/2 years. Hey! So I sent in the card, as well as a check so they can't bill me the higher amount.

Fresh Direct gives delivery pass customers a coupon for a free mozzarella thin-crust pizza. In New York, we're spoiled by great fresh pizza, so the frozen stuff is never as satisfying. But it's free, so no complaining allowed. (OK, I'll complain. I don't even like thin-crust pizza. Don't like thick Chicago-style either, just regular.)

I was hungry when I got home from the Times last night, so I cooked the whole pizza. It was my entire day's allotment of food, but all I'd had was the turkey soup. The pie pan I usually use to heat things was too small and I didn't have a flat cookie sheet, so the only thing that fit was a big rectangular pan I rarely use. I forgot to spray it with Pam and the pizza stuck, so the pan had to be soaked overnight. Today I checked and it was completely rusty. Like I said, rarely used. The rust did wash off, and so did the pizza remnants.

Could Sandra Bullock's life be this exciting?

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