Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Union muse

I had a dream about the WGA. The exact details are foggy, since I'm foggy in general with a cold (Tuesday was runny nose day). Why would I dream about a union I've never been in? I'm a researcher, not a writer. I'm not even currently working in television. But one of my former shows is Guild (though it wasn't at first), and I have ex-coworkers walking the picket line. Plus I'm a consumer of pop culture like everybody else, and I want it to keep flowing.

The union's issues may seem like high-class problems. The writers are generally well-educated and well-paid. At the same time, a large proportion of WGA members aren't working at any given time. Jobs are often a few weeks of work followed by a few months - or years - of hiatus.

If the strike continues, as the days wear on and the weather gets colder, picketing will become a drudge rather than a novelty for the participants. The news crews will go away and big stars won't come by with refreshments. This being showbiz, people may join the line in order to network and slip spec scripts to {insert name of famous celebrity picketer}. Today's wanna-bes, tomorrow's scabs?

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