Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Mostly TV

Tonight was the first "Wheel of Fortune" where I was in the audience, with my stuffed lamb Lamba White. Couldn't see us. I watched a behind-the-scenes special on the Radio City tapings on Saturday, and couldn't find us either. I was on the aisle for the shows airing Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'll look again.

Not content with my own media whoredom, I examined videos and photos from today's WGA East picketing at Rockefeller Center to find people I know. One ex-coworker was definitely on the line ("Power to the people!"), but I didn't see him or anyone else I know.

I did see Patrick Jordan, on "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" on YouTube. As expected, he prevailed in the regular game, won a GOOD trip (San Francisco), and quickly demolished the final puzzle. Well, not entirely expected, given the possibility of a spoiler swooping in at the last minute. Thankfully, this didn't happen.

I watched more MGC's, with the last-minute winner Thursday doing well in the final puzzle until he got stymied by an ALA_E/I_ER crossing obvious to anyone knowing crosswordese. He finally guessed the correct letter, T. The next day, I took an immediate dislike to Penny "from Canada" whose every movement signaled overdramatic actress (I checked, and she does have acting credits). She went on to win, and then passed on almost the entire final puzzle.

MTV changed their schedule so TiVo recorded half a "Made" where a grungy MSU freshman wants to become a lady. So far, she wasn't doing too well. Most of the episodes don't have descriptions so I may never catch the rest.

All guilty pleasures must come to an end, and Saturday was the last "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 2" episode. How do they even move in those tight boots? And could "bikini boot camp" be any dumber? All led up to the climactic moment when they went through the tunnel onto the field, at last.

To rescue my brain, I read a slightly more literary book than usual: "Miss Wyoming" by Douglas Coupland (famous for coining the term Generation X). It was about one of my favorite topics, evil Hollywood. The plot moved back and forth confusedly but not obscurely.

I've had a cold for a few days and almost used it as an excuse not to meet some puzzle people for lunch on Friday. I finally got there latish, and had a pleasant time.

Today I had a follow-up with the ENT doctor, who still feels nothing needs to be done about the thing in my nose. I started buying things I'll need for the colonoscopy prep in 2 weeks (ugh); still need to find an escort.

We got a notice that the basement would be closed Wednesday-Friday for painting. I thought it already happened, but when I realized it was this week, decided I'd better do some laundry. I thought it might be crowded, but had no trouble when I went down today at 3 pm.

There seems to be a drought on Edy's Peanut Butter Cup pints. They'd better not discontinue the flavor! (Moment of silence for Ben & Jerry's Apple Pie and Heath Bar Crunch frozen yogurt.) Couldn't find any Raspberry Passion Minute Maid today either. The refrigerator is full, thanks to Fresh Direct.

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