Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I think it was 11th grade English where we learned about the "sense of place," how literature evoked the setting. I'm provincial and like when my books take place in New York, since that's most familiar. Luckily, a lot of books do.

"Hating Valentine's Day" by Allison Rushby made me queasy, since for much of the book I had no idea where it took place. The author is Australian and the spelling and slang seemed British, so Australia was likely, but there were no identifying geographic features. Finally about halfway through, the character received an e-mail with a .au domain so at least I knew the country. As for the book itself, I don't like Valentine's Day either but I hope I don't get visited by creepy ghosts (a la "A Christmas Carol") who show me the holiday's not so bad.

My cable used to go out constantly but it was good for a long stretch, so I got out of the habit of turning on my TV just to make sure it worked. When I went to watch last night, I found the cable had been out since late Saturday, so I again had to erase all the blank TiVos. This seems to happen when it rains, and I don't know if the nearby construction has any effect.

One show recorded before the outage was DCC. Those uniforms are so ridiculously skimpy, it's amazing there's any pretense about the squad being about dancing skill. The girls had a tandem sky-diving exercise with the Army (no one on TWOP is quite sure why), and director Kelli jumped too, gaining her new-found respect among the online snarkers. A popular rookie was cut for not being able to keep up the pace, and begged for mercy.

I also watched an "Entourage" with a creepy turn by Bob Saget, two "Sex and the City"s (which I may have already seen - Smith's full frontal performance in Brooklyn, and an older episode where Carrie's new AA boyfriend immediately goes off the wagon), a "Hills" (cute male model Gavin seemed laid-back and nice, but LC found him boring), and a "TMZ" (one segment exposed the "Hills" in some fakery for the camera).

Game shows work well in fast-forward, especially to see if I can get the MGC clues in time. I watched three crosswords shows, a "What's the Question" (usually I have no hope of anagramming the letters and just try to get the words from the clues), and "Camouflage" (boy, that's hard).

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