Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Don't believe everything on the Internet

Someone wrote Will that he hadn't received his at-homes back. The name was not on any envelopes in my to-do pile, so I wanted to go the box and make sure they weren't holding anything in the back. I was doodling around on the computer doing important work all day, and by the time I found out online that the place closed at 5 it was already after 4. So it was rush to the shower and get dressed and out at 4:46. Over to Broadway just in time, and found out they close at 5:30 (WRONG Internet). Nothing in the box, and nothing in the back. I don't know where this person's puzzles are.

I had my book with me to send out FedEx. I had checked FedEx's site, and found the Columbia branch is closed Saturday and the one near H&H Bagels closes at 7 pm so I walked south. There were several book vendors along the sidewalk but I controlled myself and didn't look. I considered getting a bagel on the way down, but figured I'd be coming back that way anyway.

When I got to the FedEx there was a sign in the window saying they were closed (WRONG Internet) and suggesting one on 72nd. I wasn't sure if they were closed forever or had just closed for the day (the store appeared to still be in use). Remembering my odyssey to closed FedEx's in midtown that ended at the store that was closed today, I wasn't confident I'd be sending anything. I decided that if the 72nd St. branch was closed, I'd try the one at Columbus Circle before giving up. But this meant I might not want to walk all the way back to 80th for the bagel.

The FedEx on 72nd turned out to be open 24 hours, so that was a relief. I was charging the package to someone else and using her Wisconsin address as the return address so I didn't know if they'd give me trouble or ask for ID, but they just took the package and it's on its way.

The weather was nice and I wasn't tired, so I headed back on foot, resisting Fairway and returning to H&H. I really need to ask what's hot, especially for $1.15. The bin of plains was very low and the sesames about half-full so I figured the sesames were fresher. I don't know how fresh the plains were, but the sesame wasn't warm. Darn. They put the bagel in a cute mini-shopping bag.
(picture from H&H site)

I took so long to catch up on TV-watching that there's already another DCC episode from today. A zany-haired, former cheerleader from the '70s who would never fit into the current uniform coached the girls with tough love. They got makeovers, some not for the better. And the weak dancer is still there, despite her fourth warning. They did cut someone who was too dim to remember the routines.

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