Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Last night, I was doing some TiVo maintenance, and somehow managed to watch "Wordplay" again all the way through. I still teared up when Al sees his blank squares and then walks behind the board in despair.

Tonight I went to a seminar on consumer fraud organized by the Barnard Project Continuum (*cough* over-50 *cough*) alumnae group, held in a penthouse suite in the newest dorm. I may have been the youngest one there, a rare event. There were refreshments, and representatives from Chase gave a very informative presentation that made me even more paranoid than I already am (one tip: you should not only shred everything, but get a shredder that works crosswise not just vertically). One woman said someone had somehow gotten her Medicare info, and she was fighting hospital charges for the delivery of twins - not exactly possible.

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