Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

When "Wordplay" premiered at Tribeca and nationwide, and later when the DVD came out, I did mass e-mailings to remind people to see it and held raffles of tickets and discs. I didn't do this for last night's TV premiere on PBS Independent Lens, since I didn't want to bother people and figured most everyone has seen it by now.

I've been on TV before and worked behind the scenes in TV. I've done appearances for "Wordplay." Still, as 10 pm approached, I was getting excited about the broadcast. It's a good thing I went in to check the TV, since it turned out the cable had gone out on Thursday. It used to do this all the time, but had been good lately. I switched the box back on, erased all the blank TiVo recordings, and settled in to watch.

The intro was OK (except for the inescapable "What's an 8-letter word...?") and the movie was unchanged. Tears still came to my eyes at the shot of Al's final puzzle. The credits were truncated, superimposed on the Gary Louris video. Baby Charlotte was added to the Creadon family thanks.

The phone rang immediately after, someone else from the movie. Then my great-aunt called. Then an hour later when it ended in Miami, my mother. A few e-mails. Not a lot of bloggers commenting (I'll be searching).

Must move on.

I hope the TV and TiVo are OK, since the picture scrunched up a few times, and it's showing a light blue screen (instead of black) when I switch channels. Checking online, there's a "blue screen of death" with the TiVo logo when bad things happen, but this isn't that. I hate when things break, especially things I don't understand. It seems to be working OK today.

West Bend customer service finally e-mailed me back about my timer's mysterious change in display. After answering a few questions about when and where I bought it, the code numbers on the back, and what batteries I used, they said they had no idea why it was malfunctioning (sigh), and would send me a new timer (yay!).

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