Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Martha, Martha

Martha Stewart has clued a special puzzle constructed by Elizabeth Gorski (both Barnard alums - yay!) on the NYT web site:

Originally, Jon Stewart was slated to do this but canceled and Martha agreed on short notice (was Will going through his phone book in order?). The clues are almost exactly as submitted, and indicate Martha knows her way around a crossword.

Unfortunately, the short notice meant that production was somewhat stressful. Adding to the pressure, Will returned from Rio Friday morning after a 13 hour flight and the deadline was Saturday 12:30 a.m.

I had a movie ("Rendition") at 6 pm Friday, and planned to go to the Times afterward. I had made reservations for 2 people, but after the first 2 people I asked were unavailable, I switched it to 1. I walked around the Time Warner mall before finding the entrance I needed on 58th Street. After checking in at a clearly indicated desk (huge scrolling electric sign and poster for the movie), I went to the 10th floor. They were checking bags and confiscating food and drink, and my "American Cannibal" water bottle was in a yellow plastic grocery bag in my tote. I opened the bag for inspection, tilting the books and magazines so that the contraband was hidden - and made it undetected! (until now - but hey, I didn't drink it. I just didn't want to lose that bottle)

The screening room was large but filling up rapidly. It's just as well I was one person, since at that point it wasn't easy to find 2 seats together. There were 2 seats with coats in the row in back of me and no one around seemed to know if they were really taken. Good thing no one sat there, since it turned out they'd been saved by the organizers of the screening. The movie was grim and sad and violent, but kept me thinking afterward.

I had lots of time to think about the movie. I got to the Times at 8:30 but no puzzle. I went to eat in the cafeteria - OK pizza with fresh sliced tomatoes, and curried mussel soup. I added funds to my card at the machine, and swear I ended up 80 cents short. I'll have to call Monday to see if there's a service charge to put money on the card. You can do it on the web, but I forgot my sign-in and didn't get any response to the "e-mail password to me" option.

Back at the desk at 9:15, still no puzzle. I had a book, magazine, and the Web to keep me busy. The computer guy went offline at 1:30 and said he could still put it up first thing in the morning. The puzzle came at 2 am. At first, the PUZ file wouldn't load but I fixed it (somehow extra carriage returns found their way in), took a cab home at 3, did the last piece at home, and finally got everything out just before 4. That's am.

This meant I couldn't go to Jrman and Sew Do I's party in central NJ today. I had planned to take an 11 am train (it's a 2-hour ride), but was fast asleep. In fact, I was awakened by Judy calling at 1:30 pm. She says she lost 43 pounds (that wasn't why she called, it just came up in the conversation), which is hard to imagine since I've never seen her looking anything like 43 pounds overweight. So Happy Anniversary, J and S (or J and R)! Sorry I couldn't be there.

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