Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The fun never stops

When it comes to "Wordplay," I'd go to the proverbial opening of an envelope so yesterday I went to W's after-work movie club showing in central NJ. The club's mailing list is only 30 people, so the turnout of 10 was good. We had pizza (one spinach/tomato slice, one plain) first, and then watched the DVD on a big screen in a large conference room. The audience reacted in all the right places (laughing, gasping, calling out answers) and afterward we discussed it informally.

This was at a large telecom corporation in a suburban industrial park. Everyone drives to work. Visitors get photo ID guest passes. Being there, I again realized I don't miss corporate life one bit. If everyone were a dropout like me, the economy couldn't run, but I'm happy I can live the way I do.

In Penn Station on the way there, I was annoyed that large signs and the departure board were sort of blurry until I got close. I want my world sharper! But not at the expense of reading, so I don't know if it's possible. I was wondering if I'd be able to see the text in the movie, but that was fine. I wasn't far from the screen, though.

The escalator down to the tracks was broken and a woman in front of me with 2 suitcases got so annoyed she FLUNG one suitcase down and figured she'd catch it at the bottom. It bounced down some empty steps in front of her and then landed squarely on the back of a woman. "I'm sorry! Are you all right? It was an accident! I'm sorry. It was an accident." It wasn't an accident, but I don't know if anyone else could see. The hit woman's husband curtly said, "I'll carry it the rest of the way" and left the suitcase for her at the bottom. The escalator was still broken when my return train arrived on the same track.

The evening was very warm, so after I got home I sat outside and finished "The List" by Steve Martini. Good though somewhat implausible thriller about book publishing, with lots of dead bodies and exciting chases.

I got a nice response from Housing Works, saying they've had large amounts of theft (including at the street fair, which was difficult to police) and my purse probably was in the gray area of the size they make you check. I'm still annoyed and still boycotting. I was talking to two women about it at the movie and they each had satchels larger than mine. Why not just inspect large purses on exit? Women don't want to leave their valuables behind, particularly if the store has so much theft.

I was getting a little lax on my skin treatment (L'Oreal Special Care Acne Response Daily Adult Acne Regimen, to be specific) so went back to it today. The lotion for the second step is put on a cotton ball and it seemed globby and abrasive. Then I realized I'd re-used the gritty Brasivol-like stuff from the first step. Oops.

I skipped the sunscreen since it was cloudy. I didn't go out until 6 anyway, to mail books. On the short line in the PO was Liz G, whose closer PO had already closed. Who says New York isn't a small town?

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