Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Not the best week ever

I got the switched contacts Tuesday and still think my vision could be improved. Sigh. I'm testing them until Thursday, and also still have the other pair which made the world very sharp but I couldn't read well. Now the world is less sharp - large signs across the street aren't clear - but I can read better. I still have to hold text a little far away (this is to allow me to also see the computer) and puzzles are difficult. However, when I shine my Mighty Bright light on a puzzle or text, it instantly is wonderful. I will ask if there's a prescription adjustment that can emulate that, or if I'll just have to work with a lamp. TV and computer are OK. I'll see a movie to make sure it doesn't suffer the same fate as street signs. I tried playing piano and the sheet music wasn't sharp, even though it's about the same distance as computer. This will drive me completely nuts. My vision isn't that bad, so it's frustrating not to be able to see everything crisp and clear. Maybe I'm unusually kvetchy. The doctor indicated you have to compromise as you get older (some people wear glasses on TOP of contacts for computer - blecch, no thanks), but I don't wanna!

I watched a lot of TV: A marathon of "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" and Ty Treadway on "The View" where they gave Joy Behar a special puzzle, which she almost finished in 1:30. It had things like Barbara Walters' Sarah Lawrence dorm (TITSWORTH) and NO BIG WHOOP in honor of Goldberg. The snark of "Best Week Ever." A college dance team competition, dispatched in fast forward. A pageant of past "Queer Eye" winners, which didn't include former co-worker Josh. Seven episodes of "The Comeback" (LOVED it!) through HBO On Demand. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders go to boot camp. TiVo stopped scheduling as of 10/11, and I had to restart it in order to load a service update.

Books were completed:
"Someone Like You" by Cathy Kelly - Another one where characters meet in the beginning and then seem to have no other friends. This follows 3 women in Dublin, but it's mostly their separate stories so it could have been 3 separate books. It was long enough to be 3 books, and I was glad to finish.

"Hunger Point" by Jillian Medoff - Frannie muddles through life with her dysfunctional family. At the end, she finds her new boyfriend's family is just as bad. There's a lot of introspection and some very sad moments.

"It's a Chick Thing" edited by Ame Mahler Beanland and Emily Miles Terry - True anecdotes of girls who just wanna have fun, in cutely packaged vignettes.

"Confessions of a Late Night Talk Show Host: The Autobiography Of Larry Sanders" by Garry Shandling. I love the TV show, but the book was nothing special.

I've read 10 of the books on that book meme.

US magazine, 4/16/07 - in the fashion pictures, I always try to identify the people before looking at the names. My idea of fun. There was a puff piece about Tori Spelling and her new baby. Like she's the only person who ever had a baby.

I got a $48 MetroCard in the mail from the MTA as a replacement for the expired one. They advised me to do this at a station in the future, even though I already explained I TRIED to do this and the machines claimed there was a one-year limit instead of two.

It's still warm enough for terrace lounging, where I shine a light on the books and can see just fine. Sometimes I bring the laptop out, and can glom onto random wifi if I'm too lazy to turn on the router.

Judy gave me a Lakers Tweety Bird T-shirt in XXL which I loved as a nightshirt. It was getting tattered in the neck area, and then I pulled it and made it really torn, and sadly Tweety had to go to that big T-shirt in the sky (i.e., the garbage). Then I stepped on the hem of my long blue print skirt (from the Lina collection, i.e. my sister's closet), causing a big tear so its days are also numbered. The waist elastic was already gone. It's a Liz Claiborne petite but I can't find another one online. I'll still use it to walk around the neighborhood.

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