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Since 1996, I've had the opportunity to work in the glamorous world of media. Or not so glamorous. I've worked long, long hours. I've seen the sun rise as I leave. I've left in the middle of the night and found myself in a snowstorm. I've worked in spaces with no windows.

Today I was at a major publisher in its brand-new building. We all know who it is, but I don't want to step on any toes.

A digression: In the elevator, two women who apparently never heard of "Overheard in New York" had a conversation along the lines of, "Bitch slept her way up." I didn't have enough info or quotes to submit it to OINY and in fact don't know if this bitch even works for the company whose elevator we were in.

When I got to the work area, the movie critic three desks up who is never there (out seeing movies, I assume, plus I'm only there once a week) was there. I've been too shy to talk to him the few times I've seen him. I settled in, signed on AOL, downloaded and printed my stuff. Normal day so far.

I opened Safari in case I needed to look something up and it was freezing in getting to the home page of the company intranet. I was able to get MSIE to start, where the home page is Google. I hadn't loaded the 10/7 file on the server Sunday while waiting for a correction, which turned out to be needed. I wasn't sure if K loaded it for me (he knew about it, but knew I'd be coming in so could do it myself), and couldn't get on the server to check. I left a phone message for K asking if he did this, since they like to have it by 4 pm Wednesday which it now was.

I started working and since I still hadn't heard from K thought I'd try his cell. I picked up the phone and it was dead. I went to the phone on the empty desk next to me and it was also dead. At this point the floor was buzzing with "What's going on?" and the movie critic stood up, rolled his eyes and waved at me. I wasn't sure if he was commiserating at the lack of phones and Web, recognized me from the movie, or was just yawning. He went to another part of the floor, as I tried accessing other servers to see what would happen. The FTP site for digital media seemed to work, and THANK GOD AOL was up so I could IM people regarding the work.

I IMed N a few floors up and she said their phones were down, she couldn't get e-mail, and the net was spotty. An e-mail was sent to company addresses, which many people couldn't get because those addresses were down. She forwarded me a copy, saying basically, "We know. We're working on it." I had an outside person call me and they got a busy signal. Occasionally, I'd get a dial tone, but when I called out I also got busy signals. People were kidding around nearby, "It's not like we have to put out a daily newspaper."

I did the work that could be done. More corrections for the batch I did Sunday came in, so I had to overlay those files. It was stressful, but it got done. And then the server opened. Yay. The 10/7 file wasn't there at all, so I loaded a correct version. It was now 6:15, but they'd have to understand why I couldn't do this earlier. I finished the current batch, and loaded all that. Still no phones.

It was a day that cried out for vegging out on the terrace when I got home, no matter how late. At least I didn't leave in a snowstorm.

The only mention I found of these problems was on Gawker ("When technology attacks").

Update: The e-mails I sent this afternoon to company addresses just bounced back as "still undelivered."

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