Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,


Today I got the e-mail I'd been waiting for. No, it wasn't George Clooney saying he saw me from afar and intends to sweep me off my feet as soon as a suitable interval has elapsed, since he has to stay a while with the girl he helped injure in the motorcycle accident...

Back to reality. It was from Fresh Direct, offering a discount on a 6-month delivery pass renewal. I almost considered their yearly rate, but that would still require me to order a lot more frequently than I have in the past, so I haven't renewed - or ordered at all since 9/11. The new discount offer is a little more than the intro offer, but still not bad.

I went to the web site and cut and paste the promotion code from the e-mail and it didn't work! I thought maybe you also had to order food, so I put food in the shopping cart. Still nothing.

Maybe I acted too soon? Who knows? I e-mailed them. (Update: there was a problem with the promo codes and it's fixed and I now have a delivery pass.)

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