Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Pennies, nickels, dimes and 3 quarters from heaven

My coins were painstakingly separated by denomination, but today I just dumped them all in a bag (OOOH, that's the nerd equivalent of getting a Mohawk!) and brought them to the Commerce Bank Penny Arcade. This had been on my to-do list for ages, and reading Dean's blog (http://www.deanolsher.com) inspired me to get moving.

This wildly rebellious coin mixing didn't happen immediately. First I put the piggy banks, wrapped coin rolls, and plastic coin separator (containing coins) in a bag. Way too heavy. So I had to dump the coins out of their containers and discard the paper wrappers (every ounce counts) to lighten the load.

Still too heavy to carry 6 blocks down and 2.5 avenues over; I'm a small girl. Dividing the booty into 2 bags did the trick. Each small plastic grocery bag got put in a large shopping bag.

I estimated I had $60, which turned out way too high. After throwing both bags' contents in the machine, the receipt indicated $37.91. They kept the receipt, so I don't have the exact breakdown, but there were 661 pennies, a bunch of nickels and dimes, and 3 quarters that somehow got in there (most of my quarters piggy bank had been decimated by using the quarters for laundry, so I didn't dump it).

I still have the gray metal baby piggy bank full of pennies (it requires unscrewing a screw to open, and I was too lazy, plus things were heavy enough), those quarters, and lots of change I'm sure is at the bottom of my pocketbook (or briefcase I've been using as a pocketbook), so I'll go again sometime. Newsflash: I just noticed a large glass filled with more coins, so I can definitely take another trip soon.

Great invention, great fun!

Right next to the bank is Symphony Space, which happened to be having a book sale to raise money. I swear, I didn't know about this ahead of time! If I had, I might have purposely avoided it given recent book overload... but how could I pass up such an upstanding cause. OK, maybe I didn't particularly care about the cause (though I was there for PDQ Bach last December). But how could I pass up cheap books?

The damage - $15, 4 hardcovers, 3 paperbacks. Two turned out to be on my want list, and others (like "Call Her Miss Ross" - ooh, can't wait to read the dirt on Diana) could have been.

Next errand, returning the library book due today. I can't go to the library without checking out THEIR ongoing book sale, and I managed to get "Nickel and Dimed" (on my list) and a spanking new HARDCOVER of Tom Wolfe's "Charlotte Simmons" for 50 cents combined! I asked the guy if he was sure, and he said yes. Normally hardcovers are $2 at that book sale, but who was I to argue.

Then grocery shopping. You could tell it was a hot, muggy day by what I bought - fruit, fruit juice (C-Town now has Diet V-8 splash!), fruit yogurt... and another box of mini-croissants that thankfully are not mice.

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