Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I wasn't alert enough to work but not sleepy enough to sleep and had a 10 a.m. ENT appointment, so watched some mindless TV to stay up, including more "Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Making the Team 2." The highlight was the personality interview, where candidates revealed complete ignorance about the team they were trying out for (Who's the coach?), football (Who won the Super Bowl?) and current events in general (babbling about a man named Condoleezza Jones running for president). DCC is a widespread guilty pleasure, judging from comments on TWOP: "I am also one who hates to admit that I enjoy watching this show. I'd rather tell my therapist that I drink too much than admit that one." "This show is definately on my list of shows I don't brag about watching!" "I love this show. I don't care who knows it, either."

I also watched "Cheerleader Nation" (2 episodes, they prepare for and go to Nationals), "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (nasty stains - the TiVo cut off early so I'm recording it 5 minutes over to get the ending), and "Entourage" (Vince goes on Jimmy Kimmel). I checked the crosswords show to see if I knew anyone, but didn't watch.

I managed to sleep a few hours before leaving. I didn't wear my contacts since I knew I'd nap the minute I got home. Last time I allowed an hour to travel and was a half hour early, so today I allowed 45 minutes and was 10 minutes late. Darn traffic (took the bus). The lump is still there, but Dr. G said it's nothing to worry about, and could be surgically removed but he didn't think that was necessary. He thought I had picked at it, but I didn't. I'll use the medication for another week, and go back again in 6 weeks.

Time for work.

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