Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Post-fast times not at Ridgemont High

I broke the fast yesterday around 9 pm, with cold tofu and tomatoes, and a bowl of cereal. I have the ingredients for a veggie casserole, but didn't want to spend time cooking.

I then washed my hair with the 15-year-old shampoo with no ill effects. As long as I was using old hair products, I threw in some System Biolage gel I won on "Jeopardy!" in 1991. I still have a halo of frizz.

I did another skin treatment, and my face looks red. You're supposed to do it twice a day for a month, so I'll see what happens. I've only used it the past 2 days, and only once a day.

I was slow getting moving, and almost talked myself out of going to the NYT, even after getting out of the shower. I have an early doctor's appointment Monday, so why not do both and not get dressed Sunday? However, my sleep schedule is such that I won't get much sleep before the appointment, and would be more alert for work Sunday afternoon.

Lethargy lost. The skin treatment makes me sun-sensitive, so I put on sunscreen to go outside, and brought a Great Neck North Class of '70 (from my sister's reunion) visor in case I wanted to shield my face. I was able to stay in the shade walking to the subway and didn't need the hat. I passed people putting up a sukkah on the grounds of my complex. I see it there every year, but don't feel religious enough to go eat there. I could eat out on the terrace as a quasi-sukkah.

I hadn't been to the Times in a while, and again felt the spaciousness and comfort of the new building. There were a few people around, even though it was Sunday. The (non)ergonomic tray is still there. How long should I wait before complaining - 6 months? The sun was streaming in the windows, making it hard to see the computer screen. I put on the visor in case all that sun could make me tan. The shades are supposed to automatically close depending on conditions, and they finally closed much later. Then it seemed too dark.

Reading the New Yorker on the subway, the print seemed clear at arm's length, and I had no trouble seeing the puzzles. But coming home, it was hard to read EW. Doesn't matter, we're switching eyes anyway, at which time I'll wonder if this prescription was better than the new one.

I finished "Princess" by Jean Sasson, the true story of Saudi princess "Sultana" (name changed to protect all involved). She lives with great wealth and comfort but with severe restrictions, as women are excluded from just about everything. It's an empty existence I can't imagine. There are 2 sequels, but I'm not sure I want to read more of this sad story.

I finished some magazines, but have nothing to say about them. I started these before I decided to summarize magazines, so in the future I'll clip pages if there's anything of note.

In my reading piles, I've recently been putting a Post-it 50 pages before the end of books and 5 pages before the end of magazines. When I reach the Post-it, I can pick the next book or magazine. I do this and move the Post-it to the new item waiting to be read. This is my idea of fun.

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