Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Bad Jew update

The first thing I have to atone for is finishing dinner at 8, though that's still before sundown in other time zones. I made a zucchini/green pepper/carrot/pasta/cheese casserole and also had cereal with diet Swiss Miss. I could have added salad, a roll, and/or spinach pancakes to help tide me over, but I was full.

I got a mailing for my 35th college reunion in 2008. How is that possible? They're doing a booklet and gave us some memory-jarring questions about our era. I'll just answer the question, "How did you dress during those years, and how did you wear your hair? Were you making a statement through your style": I don't really have a style and still dress (skirts, dresses, no pants) and wear my hair (longish, middle part) pretty much the same way as I did from 1969-73. On second thought, maybe my style is "stuck in the '60s."

I'll also provide a link to my 1969 diary entries. I don't think anyone could object, since I said nothing embarrassing and people are identified with just initials.

I had sent in a class note about "Wordplay" and it never was printed.

Besides reading 10 books at a time, I'm reading 12 magazines, 13 if you count the TV Guide in the bathroom. I note each book here, and am thinking of listing the magazines, too, with at least one highlight. There aren't many actual events in my life, so I have to talk about reading material.

I didn't go outside tonight since lounging around in the balmy air didn't seem to fit the spirit of the holiday. It's getting cooler, so the lounging days are numbered.

In further atonement, maybe I'll complete the NPL con/Stamford summaries.

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