Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Tomorrow's another day

The Orlando Sentinel called me "an oft-frustrated puzzle tourney competitor" and this is true in life as well as puzzles.

Following up on this entry, the MTA responded that indeed the card balance could be transferred within 2 years and to try again. I went back to 96th/CPW, where the same clerk was on duty as Saturday, and told him that both the MTA web site and a personal e-mail said the grace period was 2 years. He put the card in the machine, and showed me that it rejected it as being older than 1 year. So their machines are programmed wrong (I don't know if there was a recent policy change).

I called the MTA MetroCard line and at first the guy said 12/31/05 was too old, but when I pointed out that it was supposed to be 2 years, and that 2 years from expiration was 12/31/07 which hasn't happened yet, he said it was OK. Since the live people weren't able to take care of this, I'll have to send the card back in the mail.

Regarding the dearth of Cornell GYNs who take HIP (discussed here), Dr. H's assistant suggested Dr. P, whose office was not helpful when I called last week. I'll call again tomorrow and drop some names.

I had one book to mail, but the post office to the south was very crowded so I left. I walked to the other one, but the line was really long there, too, so I still have the book. I just didn't feel like waiting on line (not that I had anything better to do), and maybe I'll have more books to send out later in the week.

To make the day complete, I tried the grocery store across the street - no Stoneyfield Farm frozen yogurt, no MM juice, no plain cheese papusas, no blondies, and no business from me.

Not frustrating: I read "Love Kills" by Dan Greenburg. The author wrote "How to be a Jewish Mother" so even though this was a murder mystery I thought it might be funny. Not really, it was a gory murder mystery. Not bad, though.

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