Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

TV marathon

I'm still avoiding reading, though tomorrow I'll have to do that with contacts - some WORK, perhaps. Tonight I watched a ton of TV, a rare event. So much to do, so little time.

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" - "The End" from season 5. There was no way he was really gentile, and I didn't think they would kill him off.

"Cash Cab" - 2 episodes. Love it, though I'm biased since I know people on the staff. It's so New Yorky.

"Entourage" - an early episode where the gang goes to a premiere. Adrian Grenier sure is cute. Maybe I should rent the DVD to catch up.

"1 vs. 100" - rerun. Boy, this is slow, but the fast-forward button works wonders. Brad Rutter and Annie Duke were in the mob. It might have been fun to accept their invite to be in the mob, but I'm not that upset I was ruled ineligible due to knowing 3 people on the staff.

"TMZ" - Friday's show. I love gossip, though there wasn't a lot that made me pause the fast-forwarding. I haven't caught a glimpse of Ivan, except for his name in the credits. He'll be on Merv's crosswords soon.

My ex-show - I didn't watch, but just looked at the credits. Yay, L, L and J are finally in the positions they deserve. I didn't know ANY of the regular researchers. And what happened to E? I will ask my spies.

Guilty pleasure, do I want to admit I watched this? Oh, OK, I saw the auditions episode of "Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team 2" (which means there was a part 1. How did I miss this?). Big hair, heavy makeup, tiny outfits - Texas is another planet. The best part was reading the snark on TWOP: "I'm gonna go practice now so I can try out next year..You think 59 is too old?" "What the HECK are they DOING to these girls?!" "Did you hear her definition of an ideal DCC, something about being intelligent and a 'role model for children'? I fell off the couch laughing at that part."

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