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En vs. the world

I was up and dressed early enough to get to the bank before it closed at 3. I love that the bank is open on Saturday. I filled out the deposit slip and left at 2:42, arriving just in time. The teller was having trouble with a Penny Press check, saying the ink in the bank code on the bottom was not being picked up by the scanner. She tried several times, and I hoped I wouldn't have to get another check, which would probably be on the same paper. Besides, it could be the fault of the scanner. Another check for Uptown, from the same company in a different division, went through. Finally it worked.

I then went into the subway station. I had the money remaining on an expired MetroCard added to a current card a few weeks ago, and had just found another one that expired 12/31/05. The machine said it had $48 on it, so this was a nice windfall. Except the clerk (who was hard to hear with loud construction going on) said the card was no good after a year past expiration. Darn. $48 is a lot of money. I walked over to the CPW stop and tried again. The guy put it through the machine, then canceled it, and said it needed to be done during 2006 and it was too late. He gave me a complaint form to mail in.

Before filling out the form, I checked the MTA site. It said, "If your Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard expires, you have two years from the expiration date to transfer any remaining money to a new card. Bring your expired card to any subway station and ask the agent to make the transfer." But I did that! 12/31/05 + 2 years = 12/31/07, and it's only 9/15/07. If I had a printer, I would have printed it out and gone back to the subway station, but instead I e-mailed the MTA. I hope they reply before the card is 2 years old.

I ignored the Jewish holiday, other than having Fresh Direct matzo ball soup Tuesday night. I watched "The Ski Lift" episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," a classic of hilarious over-the-top Jewishness as Larry tries to ingratiate himself with the Orthodox head of a kidney consortium.

I finished reading:
"The Socratic Method" by Michael Graubart Levin - A satiric novel about a fictional law school and its faculty politics. Law school - BORING! But this novel (by a Columbia law graduate) was pretty good.

"Rescuing Rose" by Isabel Wolff - Minty Malone from Wolff's previous book makes a cameo, but this is about Rose, a London "agony aunt" (advice columnist) whose life is a mess. It gets better, much better. There's maybe too much plot, but this is decent Brit chick lit.

I'm close to the end of 2 more books but right now I'm wearing contacts and don't feel like reading. Sigh.

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