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HIP shmip

Contacts are in today, which means I obsess about how clear the print is. Vision is best at a full arm's length, the distance to the computer screen, but not good for filling in a crossword or reading a book. Can I possibly get used to this? Is there a better way?

I took time out from worrying about this health-related issue to worry about another one. I hate illness. I'm scared of it, and don't even want to read fiction about people with diseases. I'm not a good patient, I'm kvetchy and not brave and stoic. Luckily, my health has been relatively good.

When I called the doctor's office to get the vision referral, I figured I was due for a checkup and made an appointment. I last saw him the day before the "Wordplay" premiere when I had a sudden huge, ugly, black-and-blue area on my, uh, chest. Due to the location, I thought he'd better look at it. He hypothesized it was probably just a bruise, caused by the corset I wore to the premiere injuring a blood vessel when I tried it on.

The appointment was Wednesday. Somehow I grew 1/4 inch, making my weight 1 pound too thin according to a very generous chart ("That's ridiculous!" I said, wondering if we could make this chart mandatory). The weight was within range in a normal chart, and also within range using my usual height, but I know I need to lose 15 pounds. My pulse and systolic blood pressure were slightly high, but the same as last time. I had bloodwork fairly recently (that time in the ER), where they tested for everything except cholesterol. Since my previous cholesterol was "insanely good" (I thought it was due to careful eating habits, but Dr. H said it's genetic), we decided to skip it.

I've been worried about a lumpy area in my nose that I've picked and poked at, that hasn't gone away in over a year. I also am clearing my throat a lot, which is probably not related. Dr. H saw this "growth" in my nose and referred me to an ENT. I couldn't go to Dr. D, who I saw for bad post-nasal drip, and another time removed an earplug that was stuck in my ear, because he doesn't take HIP. I picked someone off a list, who said I could come in Thursday morning. Jewish holiday, shmewish holiday, I wanted to get this resolved.

Dr. G examined it and said it was an ulcer, made worse by picking at it. He cauterized it, and gave me Nasonex and a prescription for an ointment (which was not generic and cost $44 even with insurance). When I felt it later (I swear I didn't pick, besides I had to touch it to put on the ointment), it felt like its same lumpy self so I'm not sure what the cauterization did. It is scabbing quickly and I'll let nature do its thing before coming back in a week. He said it's "not a tumor or anything like that" so I hope he's right.

I had a colonoscopy about 20 years ago when I had some blood which was found to be hemorrhoids. The prep was so unpleasant I've put off doing a screening one recommended for my age. I finally made this appointment, for November. Besides the clear liquid diet and need to eliminate everything beforehand (blecch), they require an escort home. Last time my aunt and uncle came, but this time I may have to pay someone to do it. I don't see why you can't put yourself in a cab, but it's some sort of law.

I also need to find a new gynecologist. I LOVED the one I went to almost 2 years ago, but he doesn't take HIP. No one else in the group seems to take HIP either, and I'd like to stay with New York Hospital. There were 2 HIP doctors listed on the web site, but they're only taking new patients who are pregnant. I'm not sure if your gyn is required to be at the same hospital as your PCP, but if no one there will take the insurance, what can I do? I'll check the web one more time before going elsewhere. Darn HIP, darn managed care.

So I'm doing warm compresses on my eyes twice a day to unblock the tear ducts, nasal spray twice a day, nasal ointment at night, and don't forget the Caltrate. I'll have my colonoscopy soon and hopefully a gyn checkup and mammogram (I got a referral sheet, but the guy was busy and said he'd mail me the appointment). Getting old sucks, but things could be a lot worse.

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