Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Contacts (same old same old) and Crosswords

I got dressed during the afternoon and put on my contacts, but was so miserable not being able to read without advanced arm-stretching techniques that I took them off around 7:30. I really should wear the lenses every day to allow for the possibility of getting used to them, but I think the near prescription needs to be changed. The follow-up appointment is not until next week. I still doubt this is really my existing prescription, since I don't recall having to hold books and magazines further than my arm can reach in order to see them. Unless my eyes have changed a lot recently. Thank goodness my glasses work.

The good news is the lenses are comfortable. And the distance vision is great. I could probably see algae on Mars.

I shouldn't keep complaining about the same thing, but it's my blog. Nyah.

Puzzle/game show mailing lists, message boards and blogs have been abuzz with anticipation for "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" which premiered today. Unfortunately, 90% of the conversation has been, "I can't find it in my TV Guide" or "Here in x, it's on at y hour on z network affiliate." Who cares when it's on in your city, or if it's on in your city? Grumble.

The show is better than I thought it might be. They're basically just filling in a puzzle, but the play is fast-moving and the contestants pretty good. I was impressed that someone got CLEARANCESALE with just the C and CORBEL (whaa?), since I didn't. Unfortunately, she was a spoiler and hardly got to play. There were some clues with legitimate multiple answers with the limited information given; I don't know if the players can see the rest of the puzzle to know if INTERRUPTS, INTERVENES, or INTERFERES is correct. The bonus round (finish the puzzle) was a nice way to wrap things up.

The puzzles themselves are eh, just like USA Today. Not god-awful, not terribly interesting. Some of the punny clues try too hard.

I have mixed feelings on the spoiler aspect of gameplay. It makes the game more exciting, but from a contestant's point of view it's not fair if someone can swoop in and possibly win by taking over someone else's hard-earned work. Unless you're that someone swooping in. Since they reportedly have had trouble finding qualified contestants (you really do have to be able to solve crossword clues, so a pretty face or bubbly personality alone won't cut it), they should allow spoilers who didn't win to return. Or even the losing starting contestant to return. And have the champion return, too. Everybody come back!

Some people we know are going to be on, hopefully not against each other. It's on my TiVo Season Pass but I won't be upset if shows scroll off.

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