Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Going over to the Dark Side

You may recall I started this LJ in order to make it easier to read my friends' LJs all in one place using a Friends List, to comment non-anonymously on those friends' LJs, and to maybe occasionally post a link to an amusing article or discuss any earth-shaking events in my life like being in a movie.

It's evolved or perhaps degenerated into detailed descriptions of the bagel I ate and which stores carry Minute Maid Light raspberry passion (not enough, I tell ya, and they can't seem to keep it in stock), not to mention that movie.

I didn't see the appeal of a Plus or Paid account. Who needs all those icons?

Lately I've been flagging threads where I want to be notified of additional comments on someone else's entry (I already hear about comments on my own entries). After I read someone's post, I can't be bothered going back to see if anyone else reacted. With a free account, the limit is 25 notifications. I've now reached that limit and have been deleting the earliest items to add new ones. But what if someone comments on "More Slamming" in mlstrm (the current oldest entry)? I'd hate to miss that.

A Paid account allows 1000 such notifications. By the time I reach that, I don't think anyone but spambots will be adding comments (though you never know - someone mentioned in one of my 1969 diary entries heard about it over a year later and commented). It costs just $19.95/year.

I'm sure I'll discover other features, but this is the deal-maker (is that a word? I've heard of deal-breaker).

So I've gone ahead and entered the Dark Side. I now have a Paid Account.

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