Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I've had a lazy day, initially thinking it was Sunday when I woke up around 1:30pm but then realizing I hadn't watched "Grand Slam" so it must be Saturday.

I wanted to keep trying out my contacts, so got dressed for the main errand of the day: to check if anyone took the muffins I left outside yesterday. I approached the corner and there was the same coco helado guy and there was the cart and there was the clear plastic box of muffins. Even the homeless didn't want them. Just like Will's glove, the muffins survived intact out on the street.

Next goal: a bagel. I walked up to Absolute Bagels and asked if anything was hot, but no. I got a plain bagel and it seemed fresh. I thought of checking out the new Pinkberry at Broadway and 112th, but wasn't sure it was open yet and don't know anything about their menu (which, I now see on the Web, isn't that great), so turned around and headed back south. Even though I have a full fridge and vegetable drawer and more Fresh Direct coming next week, I stopped at Garden of Eden for groceries. I had never been in there before. Nice selection, and they even had diet blondies.

I got home and watched both last week's semi-finals and tonight's finals of "Grand Slam." Wow, those first 2 rounds of Ken and Ogi took my breath away. I was disappointed they didn't bring out Pat Kiernan at the end. And no full credits roll.

Earlier in the tournament, I had either been misinformed or misremembered the results of the Kitt-Carpenter match, so was genuinely surprised when Michelle won. I posted this for friends only and then deleted the entry when I realized it would indicate that that winner must have lost the next match, since I knew KenJen won the whole thing. Or maybe I was overthinking the spoiler potential.

After watching TV (which was satisfactorily clear with the contacts), I stepped outside and it still seemed uncomfortably hot and humid, so no terrace lounging tonight.

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