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I knew N had a mouse in her desk at the NYT, but I didn't know this wasn't an isolated incident. Gawker is on the case.

I was at the Times today, and took a break at 7 pm. I went to the cafeteria, and ate there rather than bring food back to contaminate the work area. It was not crowded, and I sipped soup while looking at the skyline. The conveyor belt for garbage was not moving and apparently unattended, so I piled my cup and spoon with the rest of the garbage, wondering if I was part of the problem instead of the solution.

Before work, I got my contacts - finally! They are exactly the same as the old ones, but seemed slightly uncomfortable (probably because I hadn't worn lenses in a month, plus I've had dry eye problems), and I wonder if we could improve the near vision (in lieu of bifocal astigmatic lenses, my left lens is for reading, the right for distance). Distance vision is very sharp, but reading and computer are much more important to me. I remember we went a little stronger for reading one time, and I wasn't happy and we went back to the original. I think some compromise is necessary in order to both read and look at the computer screen. I will ask when I go back in 2 weeks.

There was a $55 balance due that HIP didn't pay. They only paid $10. I fail to understand this plan. If more money were involved, I'd complain but I'm putting this in the "life's too short to argue about this" category, where it joins the badly scanned photo.

Hubbub and beautiful people surrounded Bryant Park, where it's Fashion Week. This couldn't be less relevant to my life. Well, maybe Camping, Sports, or Drinking Week would be less relevant since I have to wear clothes.

It's already Friday. How confusing.

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