Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Yesterday when I woke up around noon I had a feeling there was something I needed to do. I started washing up and the anemic water flow instantly reminded me that the water was being turned off from 10-5 for tank cleaning, and I should have taken a shower before going to sleep. I put the notice about this in a prominent place and did see it the night before, but then forgot about it. Luckily I had no plans to go out.

There was enough pressure to flush the toilet at least once (once was all I needed). There was also probably enough water to wash my hands, but I used one of the soda bottles filled with water I keep for emergencies. At 5 the water was back and I could finally take a shower.

My Fresh Direct delivery pass expired yesterday, and according to the fine print it was still valid for future orders made before the deadline. So I did an order for this morning and one for next week, which was as far in advance as their calendar went. I'm hoping they'll do another discount offer since the regular rates may not be worth it; I'd need to order 20 times for the undiscounted 6-month pass, and 30 for the yearly one. I did 14 orders in the last 6 months (with a half-price pass, so I needed to do 10), and consciously revved it up as expiration grew near.

I had slept in the early evening and then stayed up all night. I wasn't sure I could stay awake until the delivery came between 6:30-8 a.m., but just as I thought I couldn't keep my eyes open another second the doorbell rang. I put the groceries away, ate a bit, went to the computer to check if the blueberries were supposed to be only a cup (yup, the larger size I got before was a special item), and I'm somehow still awake.

I'd go outside and read while the terrace is still shady (the sun hits around 12:30), but the construction is noisily grinding away at the former tennis courts. It started at 7 a.m. I'll probably sign off soon and nap. I think I can sleep through noise - I hope.

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