Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Following up on the previous entry: In reading through my piles of old magazines, I instinctively check to see if it was before or after 9/11. No other event looms this large. I'd never go, "Let's see, was that before my nephews were born?" or "Was that before I worked at that game show?" But there's a certain innocence in pre-9/11 times (or paranoia in post-9/11), or maybe it's just an artifact of hindsight.

This morning was nice and breezy and the terrace was still half in shade, so I went out for some reading before it got too sunny. I was finishing an article in that same POV magazine on 1998-era dotcom frenzy when the sun line moved onto the chair and it was time to go in. Back tonight, maybe.

I should have liked "Bite," by C.J. Tosh (really Rebecca Ascher-Walsh of EW and Erik Torkells), a novel about New York media. But the characters seemed too cool for the room and I wasn't very interested in them or the new magazine they were launching. Within minutes of my putting it up for trade on titletrader.com, someone requested it, so I hope she enjoys it more than I did.

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