Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Cleaning and puzzles and trains

I received a letter that my contacts were in and I should make an appointment to pick them up, even though they told me on the phone they couldn't order them until I paid, and I already have a dispensing appointment. In any case, I'll call before I go next week just to make sure. I'll be happy not to have to wear glasses. My current lenses probably didn't absorb the blindness-inducing amoebas linked to Complete lens fluid, but I didn't want to chance it.

In the same mail was a Comcast envelope I almost threw out thinking it was an ad. We don't even have Comcast as a cable provider here. Instead it was a very belated reimbursement for some "Wordplay" expenses. I had submitted them belatedly myself, in April when I finally got around to going through my 2006 financial records.

My dining table is piled with stuff, as are most of the surfaces in this apartment. I went through some of it, throwing out old sales catalogs, health insurance materials from 2 plans ago, and unopened ValuPaks. There are still piles, but now they're smaller. I also swept (though not everywhere) and put away last week's laundry. This is rare, as I usually just take things directly from the laundry cart. I was happy to find the black long sundress I thought I lost (did I leave it in Philadelphia? But I thought I wore it home). I had accidentally put it in the dryer (it says "hand wash, cold") and it was very wrinkled from being in the cart. I hung it on the shower rod to see if the bathroom steam will help. I only iron in extreme emergencies, so we'll see.

I did a bit of work, but I'll probably leave more for tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to the home of nplchainsaw and Jenny (the babies were with relatives) to work on Zebraboy's Labor Day extravaganza with lunchboy, ennirol and jon88. Boy, it was hard! I started out with the cross sums, where others figured out the gimmick and then I solved it. I needed help backing out of 2 errors, but finally finished it. We never figured out what to do with it next. We also spent lots of time on the petals puzzle, finally saw what was going on, and couldn't get the final answer. Other than that, we solved around half the puzzles before adjourning (people had dinner plans). Maybe I'll pick it up again someday.

Chainsaw had given me directions which I wrote on a Post-It, but didn't look at since I knew every subway goes to Atlantic Ave. Not the train I took, however (the A, making C local stops). As we went into Brooklyn, I got the feeling I was going too far, checked the Post-It and saw I should have taken a D or 2, checked the map and saw my train was heading into Bed-Stuy and then Far Rockaway. Not where I wanted to go.

I didn't know if any large stations were coming up where I could turn around, so I got off at Clinton-Washington, crossed the street, paid another fare, and got a train going the other way. I might have been able to walk directly from there, but I don't know Brooklyn. The C to Manhattan was using the F stops (things get confusing on weekends), so I figured I'd go all the way back to West 4th if necessary, but was able to change to a D at Broadway-Lafayette, and finally reached Atlantic. Only to find what I thought was the street exit put me on track 5 and 6 of the LIRR. Finally I emerged to the street, arriving just in time to start puzzling over puzzles instead of subways.

On the way home, I couldn't find the subway entrance, went into the LIRR station and found myself on track 1 and 2 before seeing the entrance to the 2 train, which I thought would be a quick ride. Except it made all local stops; probably should have taken the D.

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