Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

What holiday weekend?

When there's a long weekend, people start gearing up so early that by the time it actually comes, they're already celebrating. Thursday is the new Friday.

When you work at home, every day's a work day and every day's also the weekend. So I haven't felt the anticipation. In fact, after a light period, I have 2 jobs I need to work on.

The last few holiday weekends weren't very celebratory either. July 4th was right before my trips to Ann Arbor and Philadelphia, so I was anticipating those vacations. On Memorial Day weekend, we were preparing for the early June TV show taping, and I worked that Saturday and Monday.

I'm long over that traditional Labor Day feeling that I'm supposed to be in school. I'm still aware that people are starting school, and remember the anticipation and excitement, but don't miss the work. Or being young and confused and a starving student.

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