Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I again made use of my outdoor space, bringing out the laptop (which easily picks up the wireless on the other side of the window) and iPod. So so nice in the evening.

In rare TV watching, I saw 2 episodes of "The Hills" (vapid, but it was fun reading the TWOP recaps afterward) and one of "Entourage" (pretty good). And was able to fast-forward through and then erase a 6-hour Winter Olympics segment with cross-country skiing, speed skating, and ice hockey. I'm not sure why I recorded it, unless I thought there would be different events.

Even though I just got Fresh Direct on Sunday, I did another order for Wednesday morning since they had left out the frozen foods, my delivery pass expires soon, and I can always use more grocery items.

On Tuesday night, I decided to cook a large batch of vegetables in the large Le Creuset pot and save half for a future casserole. I'd cook the noodles separately so I could control each portion. This required using more burners than usual.

My Slattery gas stove has probably been here since the building was built in 1961. Lately it's taken 2 tries to light the oven, the oven door sometimes falls open, and now I discovered the left back burner wouldn't light when I turned the knob.

Luckily the other 3 burners did light so I didn't think gas was building up ready to explode at any moment. Also, I'd been using the stove and oven and just had not tried that burner recently (occasionally I turn on all 4 just to test), so who knows how long it wasn't working.

Internet research showed the duct to that burner was probably clogged. I poked around a little but couldn't get it going. By now I was paranoid about the gas despite the probability everything was OK. Maintenance said they couldn't come until Thursday afternoon, and it should be OK to use the stove. But still...

So for the first batch of veggies, I melted the cheese on the stovetop in a pot rather than light the oven. Not nearly as good as baking. And I kept the window open to let out any fumes.

When I signed for the new Fresh Direct order, I noticed for the first time that I was affirming that they delivered x number of boxes. So when I signed Sunday, I confirmed one more box than was actually there. Luckily they didn't question that the frozen items were indeed missing when I complained, but legally I didn't have a case since I signed saying I had a complete order. So if you're reading this FD, I really didn't notice what I was signing, and those frozen foods really were NOT there. Thanks for believing me. Now could you offer another discount on delivery passes so I can renew, and while we're at it, how about stocking diet blondies and Minute Maid raspberry passion?

The stove repair guy came this afternoon, took the top off the stove, and found a lot of dirt. He wiped some away and let me clean as well; the rag came out black. After some fiddling and relighting the top pilot, everything turned on. I made him watch while I lit the oven (it took 2 tries) and showed him the unreliable door, but he just said the stove was old. After he left, I Ajax-ed the stovetop but not all the marks came out.

I hadn't heard anything from the optometry college, but saw on the HIP site that they seem to be paying almost nothing on the professional component. This happened last time, but I had a referral this time so what's the problem? Constant hassle. Just before the stove repair guy came, the billing lady from contact lenses called and said they now understood the insurance on the lenses themselves (the relevant people had gone for the day when I was there), and so I paid over the phone. Unfortunately, my nonpayment meant they hadn't ordered the lenses yet, but they are optimistic they'll arrive in time for my dispensing appointment next week.

Gas may not be building up, but work is. No NYT puzzles this week; we're comfortably ahead. But the other deadlines are coming due.

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