Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

My Fresh Direct delivery pass expires soon, and I've now had 11 deliveries, making the $49 fee worth it (normal delivery charge is $4.99). Based on this experience, the full price of $99 for 6 months would not be economical so I won't do this again unless there's another discount offer.

Today's delivery seemed a bit light and sure enough, none of the frozen foods were there. I called immediately when I realized this, and the missing box was not in the truck. Someone must have my box, or it never got loaded. Oh well, no B&J Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt tonight (or whole wheat chicken celery dumplings, spinach pancakes, or corn dogs). They'll give a credit for those items.

I posted a friends-only entry about "Grand Slam" last night, only to realize it contained some spoiler info (if you think about it), and took it down. Hope no one got spoiled.

The at-home puzzles to-do pile is shrinking but hasn't totally disappeared.

I read "Big Girl in the Middle" by Gabrielle Reece, which came in a box of biographies I bought on eBay a while ago. The most interesting part of the book was that Reece's beach volleyball team didn't do very well.

While bringing my Fresh Direct boxes to the basement, I had to check out the laundry room book exchange shelf, even though I left the Reece book there yesterday. People tend to leave books when they do laundry over the weekend so there's always new stuff. They had Michael Connelly's "The Poet" which "The Narrows" was the sequel to, so I had to take it. And another book by Connelly. And Frank McCourt's "'Tis" (I have his other books). And, um, others. Sigh, too many books. I will bring more books down right now. (There, I left 3 books.)

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